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Interested in improving your well-being but cannot find the time for our extensive programs in your schedule? You can now personalize your wellness journey at Yogakaar with this 1:1 program. This program has been designed for all skill levels and targets your individual needs by allowing you to curate the when, the what, and the how with one of our highly-trained experts. This is a specially personalized module devised with aspiring Yoga learners with busy work schedules in mind.


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Explore Holistic Wellness with Shirish

Shirish comes from the family of yogis from Satna, Madhya Pradesh India a very dynamic state of india. Shirish’s Grandparents were great devotees of Sri swami Satyananda Saraswatiji of Munger Bihar. Due to the spiritual vibes in the house shirish was natrurally inclined into seeking in depth knowledge of different yoga branches such as Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Naad Yoga, Swara Yoga, Karma Yoga, Mantra Yoga and many such traditional streams of yoga. This lead shirish to posses the masters degree Applied Yogic Sciences from Bihar Yoga Bharati “world First Yoga University”
Shirish Believes that a well-knitted session with multiple streams of yoga systematically deepens your intricate balance among physical body, mental body, Energy body, Psychic body, and Spiritual body.
Rarely you would find such a fulfilling guided experience laden with self-awareness, health and wisdom that help you to soulfully expand your inner and outer wellbeing. Book a session with Shirish to experience a holistic approach towards life 

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Overcome daily health challenges with Varsha

Varsha comes from historical city of caves Aurangabad Maharashtra, is a dynamic in nature. At young age while pursuing her graduation she moved to doing short yoga courses by Kaivalya Dham Nashik Maharashtra where she was inspired to seek deeper aspects of yoga and physical body which lead her to Bihar Yoga Bharati Munger to complete her post Graduation in Applied Yogic Sciences.
She has worked in western region of Africa with UN Mali and SAHEL Employees and taught them a stress management techniques at work spaces
Her practical experience of 17 years will help you to effectively manage day to day health issues through a personalised sequence of yoga asanas, pranayamas and wellness routines.
To book a session with Varsha for health management and daily balance.

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Mental Health & Happiness with Pritshreeti

Curiosity takes person to achieve knowledge they thrive for. This is what happened with Pritshreeti who comes from the deep forests of Chattisgarh. Since Childhood Pritshreeti has always been curious to help people who would feel emotionally low. After growing up she decided to strengthen her curiosity by pursuing technical knowledge of human psychology and got inspired to know the deep roots of yoga psychology and finished her M A in Yogic Psychology From Bihar Yoga Bharati Munger. She started to use this deep insights of yoga psycology by teaching simpler but effective sessions of asanas (physical movements), Pranayamas (Breath manipulations) Pratyaharas (Mind withdrawal) and Vyavharas (Behavioural adjustments) which efficiently help the wellness aspirants to resolve their mental conflicts and physical strains in a much interesting, engaging, and joyous manner.Book a session for happiness, peace, lightness of mind with Pritshreeti

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