Moving with Nature’s Clock towards Wellness

The ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda has marked the importance of aspiring, planning and executing our activities with a deep understanding of Nature’s flow of time through the inclusive concept of Dincharya (Daily karmas) and Ritucharya (Seasonal Karmas)

Five Yogas

Five Original Yogas for Perfect Wellness

Yoga has been globally recognized as an effective tool for a healthy and perfect life. Sincere wellness aspirants would explore the proper permutations and combinations of these five yogas as per their needs, goals and temperaments to create a harmonious, purposeful and vibrant life.

Five Koshas

Explore and Evolve into Wellness

In the journey to Wellness , First step is to know the basic dimensions of Life that need to be integrated to create a perfect wellness. . Ancient Yoga wisdom gives five pointer route-map called ‘Panch Koshas’ to this wellness Journey .

Seven Interactions of Wellness

Perfect Wellness manifests in 7 interactions

Health of a light bulb is determined by the luminosity of light it radiates. A true wellness seeker keeps improving his/her behavioral responses to these 7 layers of interactions marked by seven chakras.