About The Venue

Venue of Aranya Himalayas is carefully chosen as a beautiful village ‘Serasu’ where your blessed self will enjoy the beauty of spiritually awaked river ‘Ganga : The Ganges’ . River Ganga magically cuts through an island hill and nurtures its dense forest eco-system. Nestled in this heavenly location is our host resort named AnanadLok. The Aranya retreat accommodations are twin sharing rooms. While most of the activity locations are on a walkable and trekkable distance, Yogakaar would arrange a comfortable muti-seater group vehicle to commute to the nearby unique locations for exploring on the wellness vibrations engrained in villages.

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About Wellness Routines

Aranya Retreat in Rishikesh is a well-designed 5 days residential wellness program in which each day revolves round one specific element of inner and outer nature. These central themes make the essential fabric of wellness routines of each day that would include:

  • Morning Yoga
  • Karma Yoga (Yoga of Awareness & Perfection at work)
  • Personalised sessions with experts
  • Wellness rituals
  • Nature walk
  • Interactive wisdom share
  • Evening meditation session
  • Day-end with a blissful sleep ritual.

Aranya Himalayas, Rishikesh

Wellness Retreat in Himalayas, Rishikesh

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Learning Sessions

Twin Sharing Rooms

All Meals

Internal Transfers

Experience the inner sky of wellness and wisdom under the divine foothills of Himalayas at Rishikesh India. Learn the science of yoga, meditation, and harmonious living direct from the Master of Yoga and Wellness.

  • Synchronise the daily activities, food, and sleep habits with biorhythms.
  • Discover the art of emotional balance and stress management.
  • Re-align your body posture in day-to-day activities.
  • Re-tune the functions of heart, lungs and digestive system with natural rhythms.
  • Re-program your mind for clarity, concentration, and stress management
  • Re-claim your balance, happiness, and wellness in you

Your dining experience would be specially crafted by our wellness experts to align your health with ayurvedic principles of nature and wellness potentials in food that you will imbibe through mindful eating.

We are quite confident that you will enjoy the wellness activities under the expected weather conditions. The average temperature in Rishikesh in January for a typical day ranges from a high of 70°F (20°C) to a low of 50°F (10°C). Some would describe it as mildly cool, comfortable. Light winter clothes along with trekking shoes, cap, good quality sunglasses and Sunscreen lotion are highly recommended.

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Our Participants' Verbatim


Food & Travel Blogger/ Social Media Influencer, INDIA

Got my mojo back

In this retreat, I started to enjoy my life, my work again. I literally enjoyed I could get my mojo back. In this retreat I felt the silence and peace which haven't experienced in the long time not just external silence but the silence within us. For me it was a very engaging experience something that I take forward to the next leap holding to the next whine that I will catch.


Political Activist & Communication Specialist, INDIA

It helped me to look within and connect with the outer space

The practices which I have learnt in this retreat brings the sense of calmness in a person. It helped me to look within and connect with the outer space better. You have guided us for all the wellness practices with lot of commitment and conviction and I really thank you for helping us understand this. I am looking forward for the next retreat.


Oxford Alumni, International Skeet Shooter & Political Strategy Expert, INDIA

It was a very deep experience for me.

I feel the beauty of this retreat is the way you were connecting us with different elements through the yogic practices it helped us to connect with ourselves beautifully. It was a very deep experience for me. The way you have interacted with me is so special. I feel every time you come for such retreat it will open a different dimension of your personality.


Corporate Executive & Social Entrepreneur, Hong Kong

These six days really brought up a value which is beyond.

These six days really brought up a value which is beyond even what have thought of. I really want people to understand how scientific the yoga is because I come from very scientific medical background I question everything that I experience and it is good that others could also get the feel of that.


Wellness Coach, Delhi, INDIA

The 'inner journey' in true self

Our body is made of five tattvas but we generally can't connect with them. In this retreat, I could connect with those five tattvas. I could feel the connect between five pranas and the tattvas. With eyes closed I felt river ganga in my body in such a way that there was no space for physical body. I can definitely say that this experience is "Antaryatra" the 'inner journey' in true self.


Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur, Mumbai, INDIA

I have really found myself.

I really needed this detox and rejuvenation. I have really found myself here and I found a peace within me. Interacting with you (Shirish) we came to know that there are so deep meaning to mantras and every aspect you showed us that how to get aware of inner wellbeing. I can really connect and I feel so fresh and I am really looking forward to face the world with confidence that I have gained from here.