Wellness Retreat in Kerala Sea

7 days of self-discovery ( Up Coming )

Aranya Saagar

Experience the joy of Wellbeing amidst the motherly waves of Kerala seashore.
Kasargod and Valiyaparamba regions of Kerala still treasure the prominent pranic vibrations of Yogis and Ayurveda Rishis of ancient India who decoded the secrets of health and wellness under the nectar shades of beauty laden Kottacheri and Brahmagiri hills along with the soulful experience of most beautiful stretch of backwaters in India.
The Yoga and Ayurveda experts in Team Yogakaar would help you explore your unique relationship with sea and forests that streamline your natural Biorhythms uplift your vitality, longevity, Immunity and deeper understanding of your inner wellbeing. The Yogic practices of Asanas, Pranayamas , Dharanas and Kriyas The most experienced hands of Ayurveda therapists would help you detoxify the subconscious psychosomatic strains in your mind by enlightening you with the wellness rituals of Ayurveda.

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Wellness Retreat inHimalayas

7 days of Reinventing Inner Wellness

Aranya Himalayas

Experience the inner wellbeing amidst Divinity, Purity, and Enlightenment of Himalayan mountains.

Yogakaar takes you to a journey of self-discovery and inner balance in its 7 days Himalayan retreat. Gharwal Mountain range along with the auspicious tributaries of River Ganga of Himalayas near Rishikesh : The Yoga Capital of the World, has unexplored Yogic sites where our wellness mentors (Medical doctors and experts in Yoga, Ayurveda, Nutrition and Yogic Psychology) would help you live a balanced lifestyle enriched with hyper personalised routines of yoga, meditation, guided diet , behavioural and emotional realignment along with a deep spiritual connect with your inner wellness.

Aranya wellness retreat would help you in establishing a deeper relationship with nature and systematically realigning your lifestyle towards a healthy living.